Annual meeting 2000

Founded in 1993 as an independent club called '3er Club Deutschland' (3CD) by some BMW enthusiasts around the motor journalist Thomas G. Müller, the 'BMW 3er Club (E21/E30) e.V.' has undergone some important changes . Notably the name changed in the course of the years. 'BMW" was added, since we have become an official member of the worldwide BMW club family, 'Deutschland' was skipped, since we've got many members all around Europe (currently in seven countries).
At the time our club was founded, E30 cabriolet and touring still were in production and E21 weren't much more than cheap used cars still existing in enormous numbers.
Originally the club was intended to be open for all 3 series models from E21 to the present. After a short time it turned out to be sensible to concentrate on E21 and E30 since these models fit together very well (in contrast to later 3 series models) and the challenge for those trying to reserve these fine cars in perfect and unmodified condition was almost identical.

The E21 and E30 3 series comprises an astonishing variety of models: The cabriolet, an archetype of elegance on four wheels, the futuristic and stylish Z1, an outstanding example of BMW's design capabilities. An there's another design masterpiece: the Touring, the world's first true sports utility vehicle. Not to mention the first M3, a motorsports hero par excellence. And the Baur cabriolets TC1 and TC2 were the perfect combination of sedan (if there's no cabriolet wheather) and open air fun (in case of sunshine ...).
Nowadays the E21 already has become a classic car, some E21 models (all versions of 320/4) are almost rare. Meanwhile in Germany the number of it's predecessor BMW 2002 is almost five times as high as the number of 320/4 still on the road. The E30 starts leaving the sad days of being a toy for tuning enthusiasts. To straighten out our goal, we added the sentence favorable is the preservation of the vehicle in it's original state as shown in the sales brochure to our club's statute.
Of course there are also some wide-spread contemporary conversions and evolutions we do not want to exclude from our club, since they are an important part of the BMW history. So we added in 2003 that "the catalogue of criteria used for the official classification as a historical vehicle in Germany should be applied".

In our case the enthusiasm of some few people, their hard work and purposefulness created a great community in which each and every single member is important. A club which has become an important partner, not only for its members, but also for many journalists of renowned magazines and last but not least for BMW.
Let's thank all the 'Jungs' and 'Deerns' from Hamburg, because we would't exist today without them!

By the way: Every BMW enthusiast willing to support our club can become a member. It is not necessary to own a E21 or E30 BMW to become a member of our club.